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Cancer Reporting

CDRI is no longer accepting file transfers via WebPlus. Please contact Randi Rycroft Email for updated information on the best secure file transmission method for your organization.

Reporting Sources

Each Idaho hospital, out-patient surgery center, and pathology laboratory is responsible for the complete ascertainment of all data on cancer diagnoses and treatments provided in its facility within six months of diagnosis. Sources for identifying eligible cases include hospitals, out-patient surgery centers, private pathology laboratories, free-standing radiation centers, physicians, death certificates, and other state cancer registries that have an Idaho resident diagnosed and/or treated for cancer.

When a cancer case is reported from more than one source the information is consolidated into one record.

For Cancer Registrars

Primary site, behavior, grade, and histology are coded according to the International Classification of Disease for Oncology. Data items are coded following the rules of the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR), the National Cancer Institute’s SEER program, and the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. The standard format documents address data items, data item definitions, and transmission specifications.

For Pathology Laboratories

The scope of this document is limited to standards and guidelines to transmit cancer information from pathology laboratories to CDRI. The standard format documents address data items, data item definitions, and transmission specifications.

For physicians

Physician practices and standalone treatment centers that want to report electonically to CDRI should contact us directly to determine the best options.

For Out-of-State Data Exchange

For data submission instructions, Please contact Denise Jozwik Email